Outta My Head

by Anna Elizabeth Laube



released August 2, 2006



all rights reserved


Anna Elizabeth Laube Seattle, Washington

“Her voice is an alluringly warm, friendly instrument—sweet without becoming cloying, tender and heartfelt and rich,” - San Francisco Bay Guardian.

“Anna Laube makes intimate, heartfelt songs rooted in traditional Americana. With a strong voice reminiscent of Neko Case or Jenny Lewis, Laube sings with a slight but refreshing country twang over a mix of blues, country and folk.” -NPR
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Track Name: Beautiful Boy
beautiful boy
with the beautiful heart
i don't even know where to start
i want to cover you
i want to cradle you
i wanna never let you go

sweet sweet songbird
you're singin to me
well you open up what's closed
and you help me to be free
you got the voice of an angel
and the heart of a child
let me see you smile

tangled up
in your hair
well you take away my troubles and my every care
well you're just like a drug
and i can't
i can't get enough
Track Name: Something I Can Feel
mixing colors in that cd case
sittin on my bed
looking at the lines on his face
mixing in some red
you inspire me so much
it makes me cry
and i didn't even get
to say goodbye

reaching out to touch me
through the lines of this song
like you can sense it
exactly what's wrong
and loneliness pervades this place
loneliness like outer space

strangers and lovers
sing into my soul
i think that maybe
could make me whole
and i don't know you
but i will
it is simply something
i can feel
Track Name: Goodbye Blue Monday
goodbye blue monday
hello sunny days
the first of april is upon us
shining in so many ways
looking back on the story
the story of my soul
looking back to the places and the people who made me whole
you made me whole you made me whole

i wanna feel your arms around me
i wanna feel your love like rain
i wanna help you understand me
and i want to apologize for the pain

you were such a sweet, sweet friend
thought about you time and again
but what would make you come to me now
i don't know why and i don't know how
i don't know how i don't know how


a simple line, a simple note
i just hope you read what i wrote
or maybe you'll hear this song
and you'll know that i know that i was wrong
i know that i was wrong

Track Name: If You Build It
they say if you build it
they say that he will come
they say if you build it
they say that he will come
but my bricks are almost gone
and i ain't seen no one

my shoes fit my feet
and my key fits in the door
my shoes fit my feet
and my key fits in the door
and my belly's full
but still i keep wanting more

i met this little boy
he seemed to good to be true
i met this little boy
he seemed to good to be true
and now he's off playin' around
and i'm stuck here feeling blue
Track Name: The Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen
I think you may be
The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
Not that I know
What that’s supposed to mean

But somehow you inspire
Something seen a thousand times prior
An inspiration that leaves me standing
At your door

You can see the stars
From your house you said
And I can see the stars
When I think about your eyes
And I lie here
I lie here in my bed

Your face is like the sky
And your mouth a crescent moon
Be my constellation
Be my cocoon

Won’t you/won’t you be my poet
Won’t you/won’t you be my muse
Be my country music
Be my delta blues

Just be with me
Walk with me
Help me find my path
Be my strong wheel
Rolling into my future
And out/out of my past

I miss you my friend
And I miss the sweet sweet tune
Wanna feel the heat
Hear the crickets sing in June

And I want to be free
Wanna know what it is to be me
Wanna give
And I wanna receive

I want to make you smile
Make you mine if only for awhile
And I want to know love
But tonight in your arms just might be
It might be enough
Track Name: Catch Me If You Can
catch me if you can
catch me if you can
do you wanna
be my man
why don't you tell me if you think
that you can

give me back something
give me back something
that was lost
that was lost
lost in the river or was it
was it tossed?

my ears are burning
my ears are burning
look around
at what you've found
don't stop rolling or you
you will drown
Track Name: Honeybee
I walked into you one lovely Friday
The time's not that important
Walked over to help us out
Shuffling to some Herbie
That white coffee you made
Was filled with love

Round two was even sweeter
Walked into your cafe and you were eager
Giggled as you walked away
Didn't really know what to see
So I told you I'd see you later

Only took a second or two
For me to know that you
Would be my sweet
My sweet honeybee

The rest of our brillant scherade
Was scripted just like a play
I was the catalyst
Still am a fatalist

And you were so kind
To play the role I defined
To be the first one

Only took a second or two
For me to know that you
Would be my sweet
My sweet honeybee

Now it's been a day
But it feels like 20
Since I wrapped my arms around your waist
And you rode me home

I don't know what to do
So all I do is just sit and think of you
And how you were the first one

Only took a second or two
For me to know that you
Would be my sweet
My sweet honeybee
Track Name: Outta My Head
Gots to get you outta my mind
Outta my head
So I can finally fall asleep
When I go to bed

Pumping through my veins
Intoxicating like that whiskey
We drank together
Oh baby, do you miss me?

I could listen to this song forever
'Cause it reminds me of you
And the short time we spent together

Do you hear his voice crack
Singing about his baby
How he wants to get
Wants to get her back

Like he said, babe it's true
It was understood
That I'd be leaving
Since the very first day I met you

Now I'm sitting here on this flight
Looking down at the clouds
Thinking about you tonight

And now that girl across the aisle
Is thinking about her special bird, too
Except the thing is babe
As much as I'd like to say
No worries, mate, it's all a farce with you
'Cause baby, you ain't even
Written me one little word
What the hell am I supposed to believe in?

Now that girl across the aisle
Even though she was sobbing
Had a reason to smile
'Cause her butterfly
Had written her a little note
Something I'd do baby but evidently you don't
So yeah babe, it's true
I'm gonna miss you
I have, I do
Track Name: It Makes Me Happy
It makes me happy
It makes me homesick
When I think about the rolling hills
And the lightening bugs and the sweet summer air
You put flowers in your hair

Well the sound of his voice
Like water running down a stream
It sings straight into my heart
Like a message in a dream
There is music floating softly from the corner of the room
And the smell like sweet perfume

Well I can't stand waiting
I want it now
And I really don't care just why or how
'Cause I want to live a life less plain you see
Everybody just wants to be free
Track Name: Angelina
Angelina in my arms
Won't you teach me all your charms
Angelina so glad you're mine
Angelina, Angelina you're so fine

Tel me your secrets
Tell them to me
Tell me everything that we're gonna be
Angelina I'm so glad you're mine
Sing to me Angelina, you're so fine

You came up from the south
On Highway #1
You left it all behind you
Now let's have some fun
Angelina, so glad you're mine
Angelina, Angelina you're so fine

Angelina with all your scars
Did you come to me from the stars?
Angelina I'm so glad you're mine
Angelina, Angelina you're so fine
Track Name: Nowhere You Need To Go
feel like i've been treading water all these years
holding on to memories and childhood fears
but i haven't shed a tear
since that night
for you dear

takin' tiny steps now it's true
trying to keep on keepin' on like a bird that flew
with little wings stretched out wide
i got nothing left to hide

chance appears if you let it
and love is near if you can get him (it)
just take it slow
you've got nowhere you need to go

heavy like a motor full of weeds
petals falling, a flower bleeds
and repeats itself each time
got to find a way to unwind


can you hear me now
as i speak without words
'cause i will sing you a song
i would sing to you forever

feeling so good feeling so right
everything is sweet in the city tonight
and i'm sure our paths will cross
try not to consider you lost

Track Name: Wash Themselves Away
I'm trying to run from my dreams
But they keep harmmering back at me
I'm torn like a ticket stub
But still, oh still I can see

These voices keep on screaming
And whispering in my ear
I cover my head with pillows
But still, oh still, I can hear

You got the voice
So why don't you use it?
You got the hands
So why don't you play
You got the chance
You better take it
Or all them dreams
They're gonna wash themselves away
All them dreams
They're gonna wash themselves away